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A new approach to airing your dirty laundry

Originallly Published in the Walton Sun on May 20, 2012 12:14 PM (Link to original story here)
Special to The Sun

South Walton residents finally have a new, eco-friendly, laundromat and dry cleaners.  It’s been well over a decade since residents had a facility large enough to handle oversized comforters and condo linen services.

Easy Coin Wash has taken a new approach by designing an environment-friendly laundromat.  The energy star machines consume less water and power than typical equipment; while still providing outstanding cleaning. Constructed with high-efficiency, tankless water heaters, reflective insulation, recycled materials and efficient lighting, the utility consumption is reduced approximately 40 percent over your typical laundromat.  This allows for savings to be passed along to the customer.

Easy Coin Wash was the brainchild of Nick Martin, a 15-year veteran of the local tourist industry, as an engineering director.

“We can’t hinder our customers from using any detergents, bleaches or chemicals they wish but, we can help minimize the impact,” said Martin.

Martin offers a “behind-the-scene” tour for anyone interested in eco friendly operations.  You won’t find toxic or harsh chemicals behind the doors of Easy Coin Wash.  In its place, Martin said, they use high pressure steam cleaning, citrus, vinegar and biodegradable based cleaners for all their daily needs.

“The local resident support has been outstanding.  We have only received positive response for our efforts and quality of service,” he said. “It’s our duty, as business owners to provide services that support our residents, beaches, bays and environment.”

Easy Coin Wash offers drop-off services, coin-operated machines, dry cleaning, comforters and commercial linen services with superb quality and competitive prices.

“Feel good about doing your part and visit Easy Coin Wash,” Martin said.

Easy Coin Wash is located at 5008 Hwy 98 West, in the Santa Rosa Plaza., just 1-half mile east of the new Wal-mart.