At Easy Coin Wash, we feel it’s our responsibility as local business owners to help protect our beaches, bays and community. After many hours of design and engineering consultation we decided to employ a wide variety of equipment and techniques to reduce our environmental footprint. It’s just the right thing to do.

The laundromat houses energy star compliant washers, dryers, vending machines, televisions, lighting and water heaters.

Our tankless water heaters can supply up to 600,000btu (160 °F) of hot water on demand, without wasting energy or consuming gas while not in use.
Not only does our restroom have occupancy sensor light but we use recycled hand towels and natural, eco friendly hand soap.

Easy Coin Wash is currently using a variety of eco friendly cleaning solutions for its daily needs. In addition, we participate in Walton County’s recycle program. From biodegradable surface cleaners to high pressure steam cleaners we strive to provide a cleaner and healthier environment for our customers and community.

We can’t control what detergents and chemicals our customers use but, we can help reduce our overall footprint.